Passion for niche brands

ATELIER of ALCHEMY™ is an independent creative studio based in rural Sidlesham, West Sussex. Our clients trust us to tell their brand story through visually compelling design and astute, directional campaigns - in print and online. The studio’s mission is simple: to empower each and every client by providing the creative tools and support for them to evolve their business.

Working with a diverse range of independent creators, makers and brands, local businesses, individuals, start-ups, niche lifestyle brands and luxury goods, ATELIER of ALCHEMY™ provides professional yet affordable, down-to-earth and friendly design, web and social media marketing services. With over 15 years experience, on both client and agency side, our Brand Alchemists will quickly serve to be a valuable extension to your business.

The story of brands getting old is a story of relevance.
— Joseph Gelman