5-step Brand Story Telling

The Beginning

We are a collective of Brand Alchemists, little but mighty, brought together by a common goal - to tell brand stories. Brand story telling starts with your vision, we then think, dream, create and plan a creative strategy for its story to be told in print and pixels. We then deliver upon this. No one brand story is the same, and that’s what inspires us. Our collective skills of brand strategy, creativity and all out digital geekiness help us to create a powerful elixir of "pure brand" to evolve your business.

This is our 5-step approach to creating a brand and result driven brand story telling...

01 // Think and Understand

In order to think clearly about creating a pure and considered brand, our Brand Alchemists delve into research to acquire vital insight into your existing brand: its vision, its interaction, its market and, most importantly, its business objectives.

How do people perceive your brand? How they interact with it and respond?  What makes them tick? How are your competitors performing in comparison? Only by answering these questions, can we reach a true reflection of the brand, we can then apply our brand wisdom for its evolution.

Whether you are launching a new brand or business or are just looking to have a better understanding of your target audience, develop an advertising or social media campaign, our Brand Alchemists are expert creative brand strategists with a wealth of hands-on experience.

02 // Focus and direction - then dream

Focus requires us to dig a little deeper, to delve deep into experience and intuition, to calculate problematic areas that require creative solutions with proactive, pragmatic attitude.

Working closely with you and our in-house team of expert Brand Alchemists, we employ both sides of our brain - creative and strategic - to determine the brand's direction, both visually and with the business objectives in mind.

With over 15 years experience in niche brand, esoteric lifestyle and luxury goods marketing on both client and agency sides, our Brand Alchemists practice the fine art of balancing visual communication design and brand marketing.

Having established the brand's direction, we now begin to dream - mainly of Pantone colours, perfect pixels and beautiful typography! However, we ensure that no matter how bonkers the concept, that the business strategy remains in tact to reach the end goal. It's all well and good dreaming but visual communications must serve a purpose and convey a message, a clear one. Our dreams are always brand-centric otherwise may be pretty but they will be in vain.

03 // Create to connect

Creating your brand identity and auxiliary brand elements is where we really come into our own. Positioning the brand's appearance, its message, in a timeless, fad-free fashion is a magical process. It's where all of the dreams start becoming a reality, coming to life - in form, colour palette and type.

Our design team work on creating visually compelling brand elements that are equally creative and original yet timeless. Neither trends nor transient whims make for long-lived brand identity. Campaigns may be more 'of the moment' but the seedling must first be established and translate across a diverse range of intended uses and media. Likewise the supporting brandmarks must work hard - either alone or connected to other elements.

What we create must connect - to you, your customers, to the brand story.

04 // Brandmarks and Brand Voice

Every part of your brand leaves a mark. It is the mark of your brand. A brandmark. Industry purists like to call this brand literature or collateral but we think that's pretty lack lustre and soul less.

Brandmarks, in their simplest form, are the blood line of your brand. Often they are the first interaction someone has with your brand. They are essential to its life. Diverse in form, they range from your brand's main identity, its logo design, to an advertisement, promotional leaflet or brochure through to digitised pixels on your website, digital campaigns and social media.

Establishing a brand voice and tone is key. People are emotionally connected to brands, whether cognitively or subliminally. The pitch of you brand’s voice and tone of communications has a profound affect upon the success of your campaign, we'll refine and tweak until the pitch is just right.

Our Brand Alchemists work hard to make brandmarks and brand voice emotive and relevant, connected to your brand and the end use because they are pivotal to your brand story.

05 // Launch

Launch day can be a bit daunting, we understand this but we'll be with you every step of the way. As your brand partners, we're in it together! We’ll communicate with and support you at every step.

Years of experience, understanding, proven results and, (let’s be honest) some really tricky ones, have taught us how to deliver compelling and effective launch, teaser and roll out campaigns. We work hard, and smart, to deliver results. Real results. And ROI.

What next? Our mission is to provide you with the creative tools and support to see your business evolve. We’re here whenever you need us.