In Print and Pixels

Brand Identity

Where it all begins - from your logo design through to your brand marks - read more about our approach to brandmarks - this is the first, formative rite of passage for your business. We take this process seriously, a strong brand identity should be timeless and remain relevant in an ever changing marketplace.

Following an initial consultancy, where we establish an understanding of your brand and vision, we research by digging a little deeper into the brand, its competitors and the industry. We can then employ creativity and business strategy to idea generation to determine the brand's direction, both visually and with the business objectives in mind.

Whether we are designing a new brand or rebranding an established identity, we create unique, stylish and intelligent creative solutions... Always brand-centric, always connected.

Design for Print

We love print. Nothing beats the excitement of opening boxes fresh from the print shop. Our experienced team of designers, illustrators and art workers know what works in print. Working with a variety of print techniques, materials and finishes will make your brand flourish and create a lasting brandmark.

We also understand that environmental impact is of paramount importance so we endeavour to source the kindest print solutions for the planet with minimal impact at the most competitive price.

Everything that we produce in print is designed for high visual communication impact but the lowest carbon footprint possible. We can even help you source the best printer for the job or manage the whole print buying process on your behalf.

Advertising campaigns

Astute advertising requires clear visual communication. It must convey the brand's message concisely, in an appropriate brand voice and with lasting impact. Effective and engaging advertising requires the same disciplines as creating a brand identity: Think. Understand. Focus. Dream. Create. Deliver - results.

Our Brand Alchemists create powerful, intelligent creative brand campaigns across a diverse range of mediums such as direct and ambient marketing, editorial campaigns, outdoor posters, email marketing, social media and Google Adword campaigns.

Digital Communications

Many moons ago, when agencies and studios were still somewhat reluctant to accept the approach of the digital era, we fell in love with pixels and the power of the web.

With a diverse background in big brand and niche digital communications, we are dedicated practitioners of all things web. We offer a broad range of web design services: from minimalist one-page microsites to custom CMS websites for niche brands and small businesses to start-up web shops through to designing custom store themes for giant global commerce retailers and social media integration.

Highly adept at digital campaigns, we understand what it takes to produce compelling and engaging online brand spaces with a focus on the user's brand journey to maximise interaction and conversion. We offer ongoing managed services to keep your webspace fresh and engaging.

Big Cartel Custom Themes

We offer a full Big Cartel custom theme service. Whether you have an existing store or are looking to launch your first web shop, contact us. We can create your very own brand Big Cartel custom theme or provide theme customisation services. With a solid background in e-commerce, we can offer creative brand consultancy to get you up and running with your own store quickly, on brand and hassle free.

From designing a custom Big Cartel theme to tweaking an existing theme or template, we can provide vital advice and support. Creating and selling your brand and products online is what you want to focus on - not everyone loves HTML and CSS, we get it! 

We love what Big Cartel have done for the independent scene so we are passionate about seeing their stores looking fine and trading busy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge part of a brand's life these days. Having a strong social media network and presence is pivotal to increasing audience reach and interaction. The benefits are limitless and measurable.

We offer a wide variety of social media marketing services from consultancy, brand audits, campaigns and managed accounts as well as producing pixel perfect social media bundles.

Why not contact one of our Brand Alchemists to discover more.